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Editing Content Using The Editor

Editing Content Using The Editor

Keeping the content of your website up to date shouldn’t be difficult. Using your site editor you can easily update and change content.

How to Access the Editor

To access your website editor simply enter your website’s URL in your browser’s search bar and add ?edit. We recommend you use Google Chrome when editing the content of your website.


How To Change Content

Easily make basic changes right on the page. Simply hover over an area, click on it and make the changes. Just like you are editing a text document.

Adding new Collection Items

Collection Items are items like Blog Posts, Articles, Projects, etc. These items can be found under the Collections tab of the Editor.

How to make Advanced Style Changes

Some content will have additional style options. For example while writing a blog post you may want a new section of your post to have a heading. This can be done by selecting your text and selecting the heading (H2, H3, H4, H5, H6). Sometimes you’ll want to add different types of content to your blog. This is done by starting a new line and clicking the plus icon. You than can select the content you want to add.

Publishing the Updates to Your Website

Any updates you make are saved to the editor of your site. When you make a change it does not immediately show up on the live version of your website (no one else can see them). Once you have made any updates you want to and you are ready for other people to see them simply click PUBLISH. This will then push all of your changes to your website.