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Everywhere you look someone is offering a solution for your business. Do you want a free tool that is actually going to help you?

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Jesse Paterson

April 27, 2022

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Everywhere you look someone is offering a solution for your business. Check your businesses spam box, I bet there are at least a couple emails from Search Engine “experts” who have the answer for solving all of you problems with your website and its traffic.

Do you want a free tool that is going to help you? Its called Google Business Profile (Its old name was Google My Business). This tool is completely free and is offered by Google to help your business show up in Google search results.

This tool allows you to post your products online, have up to date business info like hours and location. You can even engage with customers and potential customers with reviews and messaging.

So how do I use this free tool?

Step 1

Visit and set you business up

Step 2

Enter all of your businesses important information.

  • Name
  • Hours
  • Description
  • Services/Products you sell

Step 3

Ask your customers for reviews. Reviews build trust with your existing customers and your new customers. Take the time to respond to reviews whether they are positive or negative.

Step 4

Keep your info up to date. Stay active on your account and always be updating and keeping your businesses info accurate. Help show Google that your business is active by regularly adding photos and posts to your account.

This was just a quick overview of Google Business Profile and there is even more you can do with your account. Do you need help keeping your account up to date? I work with businesses to help them optimize their Google Business Profile as well as understand important insights into their account. Contact me to talk about what I can do for your business.

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